5 brand hacks to start converting

Hacks. Shortcuts. Sidesteps. 

We all can use more efficient strategies to compress time in our business, amiright? 

I gave a FREE training inside my Facebook community on some easy and actionable hacks you can start using to elevate your brand and magnetize like-minded people.

These will not replace doing the deeper work required for a high-converting brand. But you’ve evolved, and your brand should, too. 

Click the link above to check out the training (and get the gist of it in the content below).

Use a brand voice that sounds human.

  • Ditch the corporate buttoned-up speak. How would you talk to your partner or girlfriends when explaining what you do? Use that approachable tone in your content and messaging
  • Avoid speaking “above” your ideal client specific to where they are in the business journey. It may confuse them and leave them feeling uninspired and confused. 
  • Know your audience! Use bullets and short sentences to keep attention if your potential clients are fast-paced action-takers. A more storytelling, empathetic approach to nurture and make them feel heard.
  • Infuse your experiences and personality! Your brand is an extension of you. Make sure that you’re letting the guard down a bit, inspiring them with your wins, and helping them believe it’s possible for them, too! 
  • Use brand words that evoke emotion and present you as the expert to have in their corner. Ask yourself: how should people feel every single time they interact with my brand

You need a brand differentiator

  • It’s noisy. You can’t just be a “health coach” or “virtual assistant.” Go deeper! Niche to a specific problem you solve (bookkeeping overwhelm) or a subset of health coaching like midlife or nutrition.
  • Do you deliver your services in a specific way? Speed, convenience, innovation. Can you tie your client results to a specific, tangible outcome? (“I save you $500 per month getting rid of systems you don’t need.”)
  • You do NOT need to lower your prices to compete in the online business space. Your approach, style, and results will set you apart, however being able to articulate them clearly is vital.Don’t get 

Create a niche within a niche. 

  • A microniche lets you tailor language and messaging so specific, your clients feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Think pet photographer for empty nesters or business coach for moms of twins. 
  • This automatically creates an authority within the overall field and lets you get crystal clear on the pain points and desires of your potential clients. 
  • You will become known for being the go-to and can use your brand to support your marketing efforts. It becomes clear where your people hang out and strategic ways to reach them and by which platform (video content, courses, webinars, 1:1 programs, etc)


Get off the pain point marketing and focus on specific results

  • Focus on one specific outcome for your client (such as scaling from from 5- 6-figures). This allows your content and marketing to address the exact challenges or client journey points to speak to.
  • Client attraction begins by relationships and feeling like they can trust you. As someone who leads confidently and is solutions-based, we presume competence which motivates people to be involved in doing the work. 

Talk to your people where they’re at in their journey

  • Understanding where your ideal clients land in their entrepreneurial journey is vital. Are you helping the not-yet-launched newbie who requires lots of education and support? Or a more seasoned entrepreneur with a team and scaling business? 
  • Understand and speak as if you were spying on them with a video camera. What are they telling their partner they want more than anything in their business? What is a priority to them? What type of language can you use and stories can you tell? 
  • What is the buffer zone which describes right before they reach out for help? What has been the catalyst that motivated them to take at this moment and how can you capitalize on that motivation and energy?

Which one will you start using today?

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