5 reasons to partner with a professional brand designer

Small business owners are no strangers to bootstrapping. We’re scrappy, innovative and resourceful. With limitless tutorials, instructional videos and DIY tools to build so many areas of a business, it becomes difficult to know when to stop, invest and ask for help. Aligning with an expert ensures investment isn’t just for services, it’s a commitment to your confidence, your clients and your business as a whole.  

A brand system reflects a company’s personality, client experience, tone and voice. Your brand should build notoriety, boost trust and represent all you do in an honest and genuine way in order to convert followers to clients.  

And that means your branding is much more than just a logo.

Mental gymnastics and mindset hurdles hopefully lead to a place of alignment and value in the creative process to invest the money in areas that make your business soar. It takes professional insight, collaborative guidance and an interest in your business’ success. Working with a professional on your branding is a wise investment for several reasons:  

  • Professionally Trained: Not only does designing a strong brand take a creative eye, but it also takes technical training to ensure that your assets are high quality, saved for the appropriate platform (print vs. digital) and will be unique to your business. Behind-the-scenes of a branding process is complex and takes a trained eye to both design and execute correctly. While there are several DIY platforms, the risk is that your branding has elements that are available to thousands of other business owners.
  • Completely Cohesive: Not sure how to make your brand cohesive everywhere you show up online and in person? Wondering what to do with all those amazing colors in your brand palette? No problem! A branding expert should be your guide and advise on unique ways to correctly and creatively use elements of your brand when marketing your business. Fonts, color systems, logo elements, your tone of voice and messaging should all point back to the foundation of your brand. If those pieces of the pie are not cohesive, you can appear flaky or unprofessional. Make sure you are getting the most out of your brand by working with an expert that teaches you how to infuse your elements throughout your marketing.
  • Files for Miles: Vectors versus pixels. An EPS file or a PNG? What color space is correct for print? Many of the DIY websites for building a quick and dirty logo will leave you with files that have limited use. A trained designer will understand the file formats necessary for use on a website, a blog or in printed materials. They can speak the industry language if a need arises with a printer and will ensure that you have all of the correct pieces of your branding pie.
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand: No one should feel alone in creating the very foundation of your business. I love working hand-in-hand with clients to support their branding journey and many of my clients become friends. A positive client experience to create the courage and confidence that launch a strong business go a long way. As a former journalist, I use observation, ask lots of questions and dig deep to help pull out the values and uniqueness about you that make up your business. You can’t get that using a DIY website or crowd-sourced design company.
  • Confidence is Priceless: Can you put a value on your confidence? Or something that gives you courage? The determination, perseverance and grit it takes to build a business from the ground up can fall short with a week or DIY logo. Imagine giving so much of yourself to build your business, but not fully being able to step into your role as CEO 100% because you don’t have a strong brand. How much would your lack of confidence trickle into other areas of your business?

Just as you trust the financials of your business with an accountant or your contracts to a lawyer, partnering with a brand expert helps encapsulate your business’ essence. I offer tailored packages and work to always meet clients where they are in their business journey. I offer 30-minute consult calls to see if it’s a good fit and how I can help elevate your business into a brand.

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