What if they key to a compelling and converting brand was all about reconnection with yourself?

thrift store and true crime obsessed

Hey, I’m Courtney. Clients have said I'm like having a best friend who happens to be a brand expert. I help you compress time and hit those next 6-figures with a brand that won't burn you out.

As a former journalist, I’m trained to observe, listen, and create stories. I infuse your quirks, experiences, and fumbles with your unique brand voice so you always feel like content and messaging is never forced. Monetizing your uniqueness is THE key to creating the impact you want with the income you deserve.

Courtney from Levity Design Co smiling


I’m a live music fanatic. My first concert was Sha Na Na which lit a lifelong love of seeing music played live, the energy and camaraderie of the crowd, the interaction with the band. My early years included Rick Springfield, Kool & the Gang, Howard Jones, and Depeche Mode. (Yes, I just dated myself big time!) Shows have been a part of my life for 30 years and I don’t plan to slow down any time soon.


I have two kids who are polar opposites. Like parenting isn’t challenging enough, I get the unique pleasure of creating different sets of rules, accommodations, and expectations. But I’ve learned there’s *nothing* like giving your kids the space to be who they need to be in that moment, listening openly, and loving fiercely. Having a neurodivergent child has required me to use unique and strategies specific to him.


I took my journalism degree from Chico State University and put it to use as a daily newspaper reporter in California in my early 20s. I covered nail-biting issues like house paint color restrictions and hand wrote the police blotter from the main binder at the station. But occasionally I had great opportunities to stretch my skills, hear incredible stories, and help build community. My favorite story was interviewing a woman looking for her birth mother. My article reunited them.


I’ve been a reality TV junkie since middle school. I’d like to think it was MTV’s Real World that started me on my affinity for non-scripted television, but I think it began with the Phil Donahue show afterschool in the ‘80s. Yes, he was a “journalist,” but the unscripted guests, probing questions, and skinny microphone had me hooked. (He was no competition for Ricki Lake, where I was a proud live audience member in 2003).


Friendships and connections mean everything. When I brought my business online in 2018, I had no idea the amount of deep relationships, accountability partners, and crazy awesome professionals I would meet. It makes me giddy that, at any time, I’ve got people in my contacts that I can contact for support or a laugh. In all my years in Corporate America, I never formed friendships this quickly or that felt as strong.


My husband and I met in a bar. At 2 a.m. It’s cliché and reeks of 1990s rom-coms, but my partner of 24 years went from the cute guy playing pool, to my biggest supporter, awful Dad Joke teller, and incredible role model to our kids. We recently celebrated our 20-year anniversary and he continues to be the yin to my yang. (Speaking of opposites attract: we’re the definition of it!)


Let's identify where you've evolved, and where your brand needs to grow.