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Build your brand survival kit to make sure you aren’t stranded online

My car battery died 4 times this week, but instead of being stranded, I was prepared and got myself back on the road. You see, my engineer husband is also an outdoor enthusiast and is lovingly called MacGyver by my family. When my battery started giving me issues, he created a survival kit packed with jumper cables, a car battery charger, extra masks, water bottles, and other items. brand

You know what’s leaving you stranded in the online space just like my stubborn car?

Not having a complete brand and relying on just a logo to connect authentically with your ideal clients is going to leave you stranded—just like my stubborn car.

You know the online space is noisy and that it’s critical to stand out and connect with like-minded clients to sell out your services. But the hard truth is that no amount of free worksheets, ideal client exercises or DIY logos will build the cohesive brand strategy that you deserve.

Potential clients need to feel a high-end professional vibe from your brand to trust that their investment is safe. Modern clean design, a strong strategy that creates a unique story, and infusing YOU into your content is a recipe for clients on repeat.

Here’s how to build your Brand Survival Kit that has key components that allow you to leave a lasting impression online so you can stop spinning your wheels, trust yourself, and release the pressure holding you back from taking action. Having this kit in your back pocket is a way to show up effortlessly, share compelling content, and create a business that makes money even when you’re not working.

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Your Brand Survival Kit


1. Define your brand heart. – At the core of your brand strategy is developing what you stand for, why you do it, who you do it for, and how you envision the future. Having a clear picture of your mission, values, brand promises, and how you talk to your audience builds a strong foundation that lets you show up consistently, build trust, and attract ideal paying clients.

This is a key piece of your Brand Survival Kit and partnering with a strategy coach allows you to go beyond what you would write alone. Leveraging your personal stories in a way that forms kinship lays the groundwork for consistently letting your clients know what it’d be like to work with you, get to know your personality, and establish an instant connection.

2. Professional Typography. – Nothing screams amateur more than fonts that are overused, incorrectly paired, or piled on so much it causes confusion to your audience. Typography is an artform and there are billions of fonts available online, however there is a science to pairing them, evoking emotion, and properly placing the letterforms that elevate your brand in an instant.

Your logo or submark is the visual translation of your brand strategy and has milliseconds to tell people the energy, purpose, and feeling of your brand. If you haven’t invested in a logo design, you can use unique and artistic fonts that translate the mission, feeling, and experience clients can expect.

Font spacing, line width, and letter interaction are used to create a mood and intensity that hooks the heart of your audience. Pay attention to your social media graphics, website font choices, and marketing materials where the beauty is in the details and that includes font choices.

3. Color palette connection. – The hues you choose have a psychological effect on those scrolling potential clients and should be used consistently everywhere you show up. Use your brand colors on buttons and website elements, social media quotes, color overlays on photos, headlines in your copy, background colors on your marketing materials, even in the colors you wear in your photos.

Colors should be chosen with your clients in mind and give a glimpse into what it would be like to work with you. Are your clients young, energetic, and fast-paced? Or quiet, calm, and humble? How about professional, executive, and top level? Your color choices grab them by the eyeballs and build a cohesive online presence that builds that notoriety and familiarity with your brand.

Branding Is an Art


There’s a lot more to developing a full strategy and design, however if you can’t create the whole enchilada at once, these are the key areas to have as your survival kit. Be prepared with a brand that oozes intention and vulnerability, speaks directly to your clients, and boosts your visibility.

My clients get ultimate impact with their brand strategy when they partner with an expert to pull out more than they could ever do alone. An open safe space to dialogue, thoughtful conversation, and the encouragement to dig deeper translate to booked out courses, a flexible work-life balance, and THE way to finally connect with the holy grail clients.

If you’re ready to quit getting in your own way so you can scale a profitable business, let me tear off your blinders and guide you through an easier way to make sure your sales pipeline is full. Schedule a free call, I can get you on your way to crazy clarity and mindset shifts that will finally let you build a business you adore.

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