Craving some calm

How crazy have the last few weeks been? I have learned how much I crave routine, value dedicated work time, and that sometimes it’s okay for the kids to eat chocolate chips for breakfast.

We’re in uncertain, unpredictable, and unnerving times that can create feelings of worry and anxiety. Sound familiar? When businesses have no brand strategy or plan, similar feelings of uncertainty and disorganization bubble up.

I give my clients a predictable workflow, streamlined process, and relieve the overwhelm so we can really focus on building a brand that truly reflects your business. My guess is that you’re craving order, I would love to manage your swirling thoughts all while pushing your business forward. I provide a calm haven where clients feel at ease dumping the ideas in my lap allowing me to create an authentic brand that feels like you.

It only takes seconds before potential clients will move on to the next business if they don’t connect with your brand, and you don’t need that additional stress right now. I help my clients organize their thoughts, articulate your vision, and build a brand that sells for you.

You aren’t just investing in a logo and some beautiful assets. I offer solutions, a solid process, and a proven brand strategy that converts into more clients and busting through the online competition right now. There were already thousands of people online doing what you do. How are you going to stand out? How are you going to make followers fall in love with you?

I am here to assure you that you WILL make it through this season. You CAN stand out with your online business and be a client magnet. But you need a strategist and design partner to guide you to the zillions of online eyes waiting to find you and I’m the best person you can partner with to help attract those ideal clients.

Don’t be paralyzed by decision-making in your business or play small because you think you won’t find clients in this climate. This time is presented as an opportunity to uplevel, scale your business, and build a following that will ease the uncertainty, continue to bring in income, and capture a whole new set of online customers.

To help businesswomen seize this unpredictable time, I’m offering FREE Brand Brainstorm calls, a 30-minute intensive to help attract new opportunities, grow your service offerings, and market yourself in a way that’s unique to you. I love the clarity, direction, and confidence women have gained on these calls. Space is limited and I’d love the chance to help you stand out online right now: www.levitydesignco.com/free-brand-brainstorm.

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