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Five branding secrets the pros use to attract clients

Psst! Yea, you lurking in 25 Facebook groups, juggling distance learning while taking client calls, and wishing you could get that *one thing* that would put your business on autopilot. (Spoiler: while there’s more than just one thing, I’ve got an inside scoop on a few that will truly transform your business).

I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on the fact that your brand is much more than your logo, albeit that plays a huge part in your online presence for sure! Learning more about your ideal clients, providing solutions for their biggest problems, and connecting with them in ways that make them feel heard is a sure-fire way to make your business stand out online. 

You can’t outsource your mindset work, learning, or inner work it takes to find alignment in your business. And although that would be easier, I’d bet you wouldn’t get 1/10 of the impact if someone else did it for you. (But I’m here to help give you a little push with these tidbits of brand strategy goodness).

Here are five branding secrets the pros use to attract clients: 

  1. Understand not just WHY your people make purchasing decisions, but HOW they make them. We know the importance of determining why our dreamy clients make decisions and purchases, but digging deeper to find out mindset and habits, decision-making traits, and being proactive is so much more powerful than selling them your offer. 

    Maybe your potential client has a team or partner they need to consult with which helps you be proactive and invite both of them to the call prepared with solutions to the unique struggles and pain points they tackle in their respective roles. Or perhaps they are a straight-shooter and need very little time to make a decision. You can use that information to present your offer in clear, actionable steps with a system in place for them to book immediately.

    If your ideal clients learn best with lots of hand-holding, interaction, and support, this gives you direct insight into how you can tailor your process to fit their needs. If they need help getting out of their own way, offer to be their guide and ramp up the personal support so you build trust.

  2. Client appreciation touch points. The online space is noisy, I think we can all agree that it’s increasingly difficult to really let people get to know the real you. I began implementing various touch points with my clients throughout our time together to not only check in and get feedback, but celebrate them for even the small wins.

    Have someone who launched their first big course? How about sending an electronic gift card for their favorite beverage? Just wrapped up a big project? A handwritten note and small gift leaves an impression and makes it more likely they work with you again. Bringing on a new coaching client? How about a gift box to celebrate and welcome them into your program.

    These small touches leave an impression and make sure that you’re top-of-mind when another project comes up. It’s fun to personalize and make these unique to fit the personality and business of your clients and there are a zillion ideas for making these very special and noteworthy.

  3. Give back. It’s said that 66 percent of consumers will buy from companies who have values aligned to their own. So it’s no surprise that big names like Tom’s shoes and Thrive Causemetics have die-hard followers because their brand has a built-in strategy of helping others by donating products or a percentage of sales to those causes.

    Start by giving a small amount of your profits to organizations with a similar mission or something you’re passionate about. Slowly incorporate this principle into your branding, talk about it, collaborate with complementary businesses, and create recognition that attracts clients who share similar values. It’s a great way to generate content ideas and instantly find a new sphere of people who you click with.


  4. A professionally designed brand makes you look legit.  Forget the DIY route or use your uncle’s best friend’s daughter because she’ll do it for free. You’re a CEO now and as a decision-maker you need to look the part. 

    Reputable, experienced, trustworthy businesses need branding that sells for you so you’re not tethered to social media and Facebook groups 20 hours a day. Standing out online requires modern, simple, and powerful brands so you can hook those holy grail clients, align with other like-minded business owners.

    If design and strategy isn’t something you’re skilled at, consider the investment not only in your business, but yourself and partner with a pro. The value of doing this important work is immeasurable, both tangible and intangible: more confidence, clarity, recognition, clients, notoriety, visibility, opportunities.


  5. Consistency leads to visibility. You’ve heard it hundreds of times: show up, be consistent, engage on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you this is absolutely true and a sure fire way to increase your visibility which leads to holy grail clients, more opportunities, and more eyes on your brand. 

The more consistent you are with creating content (and getting creative with what you create!) the more people get to know you, build trust, and understand your approach to life and work. This visibility brings in chances to collaborate with other online entrepreneurs, speaking or writing opportunities, and a steady stream of discovery calls.

Remember, you are right where you’re supposed to be. These are tips that can be layered in over time and can be done in a way that feels good and aligned with the structure of your business. Tell me, which tip do you think you’ll implement first?

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