Is your brand a turn off?

Authentic client attraction is the name of the game in the online business space. But what if you’re actually doing more harm than good with your brand? clients

Truly building a brand that magnetizes your ideal paying clients is tough work. And with so many moving parts and pieces (and a dash of misunderstanding), creating a brand that successfully cuts through the online noise and differentiates you as THE expert to hire can be daunting. 

What are my clients struggling with? Where are they in their business journey? Have they gotten to a point where they can’t stand being stuck in place any longer? How can I speak directly to where they feel frustration?

My clients come to me exasperated from trying to put their great ideas into messaging that will resonate with their audience. Often you’re too close to things to see the bigger picture and ask the hard questions that get results and convert your people into raving fans.

Here are a few things that could be holding you back from creating a client conversion machine:
  • No brand strategy. Just like your overall business strategy, your brand needs a strategic plan and execution that goes beyond colors and your logo. Relying on aesthetics alone is guaranteed to stop your growth short since people crave an emotional connection. They need to understand how your services will transform their lives and business, your energy, and a glimpse of what it’s like to work together. A strategy defines your brand voice, how to express your mission, and aligning with like-minded people because of shared values. Your brand strategy defines future decisions in every area of your business.
  • Not pinpointing when your client needs your services. We all know that understanding your clients’ pain points is important. However, have you dialed in even further to understand where they are when they get to that frustration point and are ready to invest in help? Your expertise comes at a specific time in the client journey and your messaging should speak directly in their language of those feelings. They feel heard, understood, and are more likely to connect with you.
  • Visuals and graphics created for you, not your client. You’re in love with the Pantone® color of the year, but does it evoke emotion in your ideal client? Is it aligned with how you want them to feel, entice them to take action, and instantly create a mood? Your brand aesthetics, including your logo and color palette, must be created with your ideal people so it immediately grabs their attention, makes them want to know more, and paints a quick image of your personality.

It’s okay (and expected) to make branding mistakes when going at it alone! It becomes hard to see the forest for the trees and integrate all the moving parts into a cohesive professional brand.

You’re a tenacious, ambitious, and determined woman with expertise to share with the world. Those same traits have also kept you stuck in your own way of clearly communicating and wasting time trying to DIY your brand with freebies and YouTube videos. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to start Q3 with a detailed plan, cohesive strategy, and beautiful brand so you can stop feeling defeated that the right people aren’t booking calls? Soliciting 1:1 help to walk you through these details doesn’t mean you’ve failed, in fact it means you’re deeply committed to your business’ success. 

Which tip will you integrate into your business to fast-track your growth?
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