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Nearly 80% of women business owners struggle with poor mental health. Everything from burnout and exhaustion, to anxiety and self-sabotage. 

To truly create a brand from the inside-out, it requires bigger conversations to uncover what’s most important and infuse it into a high-converting brand that finally feels like YOU! Imagine creating messaging and content that never feel forced or unlike you. Or converting dream clients who share your mission, values, and purpose. 

Join me and other experts, thought leaders, and professionals for frank conversation about what it means to run a business while also tending to mental health needs. All interviews available to listen in your favorite podcast player.


Robin Carberry
Coach for Gen X women to help untangle the knot of midlife confusion, uncover what you’re here to do, and unleash more flow, meaning, success, connection, and joy in your lives.
What you’ll learn: Complacency and limiting beliefs for business women over 40.

Cara Chace
Creator of Pin Power Method and Work Better Live Well, a brand that reflects her passion: showing women how to navigate life priorities while building a business. She developed the no-nonsense, figure-it-out approach she uses in her business in her first career as a Special Agent.
What you’ll learn: Self-Discovery Over Strategy.

Ali Brown Cranmer
An artist who’s whimsical, yet powerful intuitive artwork is created to bring joy and inspiration to others. She is a compassionate guide to other menstruating creatives, helping them to embrace and embody the rhythm of their cycle.
What you’ll learn: Embracing + Embodying Your Cyclical Rhythm.

Dr. Kristen Donnelly
A social science researcher with over two decades of experience, trained social worker and second generation family business co-owner. She believes continual learning and is perpetually seeking to expand her own personal and professional knowledge.
What you’ll learn: Beyond Bubblebaths: Unlearning Exhaustion in a Culture Built on It.

Dr. Alice Koech
A mindset and business coach with a background in mental health counseling, research and teaching who helps introverted entrepreneurs grow their business so they can achieve financial freedom without overwhelm or burnout.
What you’ll learn: Self-care to Avoid Burnout as a Solopreneur.

Stacey Brown Lopez
A forward-thinker, advocate, and champion of Social Emotional Learning. Her background in curriculum development, ages and stages of development, mediation, conflict resolution, and life coaching bring a unique and successful approach to implementing social emotional learning.
What you’ll learn: Letting Go to Grow: Forgiving to Move Forward.

Hannah O’Brien
A certified Stress and Anxiety Coaching Expert as well as a Mental Health Advocate and Inspirational Speaker committed to helping people learn new and fun ways of overcoming their anxiety and stress derived from her training and own experiences.
What you’ll learn: Reframing your Anxiety and Stress.

Sandi Schwartz
Founder and director of the Ecohappiness Project, journalist and author of Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer. Her mission is to inspire and educate families to build a nature habit to feel happier and calmer.
What you’ll learn: How to Find Your Own Ecohappiness.

Kyira Wackett
A passionate, licensed mental health therapist, speaker, facilitator and creator and a fierce partner, mother, and friend. Wackett was awarded the Score American Small Business Award for my work in mental health and for my work with my community project, #ReclaimBeauty.
What you’ll learn: Identifying how Shame Influences Our Business.


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