Use this easy framework to build your brand story

Be honest: how much time have you spent reading articles on brand colors, playing around in Canva, or watching dozens of video tutorials about writing your mission statement?🤚🏼

I know where you’re stuck: frustrated with filling out all the freebies and webinars, but STILL don’t have confidence in your brand strategy. You can’t seem to pull all the parts together and strategically create impact, visibility, and build an engaged following. 

Stop going at it alone and let me guide you through the framework of open dialogue, discussion, and mindset shifts that immediately bring confidence, clarity, and clients. For 20 years, I’ve helped women-owned businesses get clear on strategies that build a solid foundation for growing and scaling profitable businesses. 

I’m your partner and help pull out the stuff you can’t see with blinders on, trust yourself and your ideas, and ride the confidence wave which is so important in moving your business forward. I don’t want you floundering anymore because there are too many people waiting to hire you and your unique skills! 

The benefit of having support is that I’m going to push and challenge you more than the answers you jotted down by yourself on those free worksheets. My hands-on support helps boost your confidence and mindset to fully step into your leadership role so you can prioritize work-life balance, get out of your own way, and create ease in your business. 

My clients tell me all the time, “I just don’t know how to pull everything together.” I’m here to support building a brand strategy that makes sure your business doesn’t stay stagnant and miss out on opportunities. 

But what if you had a brand storytelling framework that allowed you to write content with ease, know exactly what topics to share and how much of yourself, and build insane trust with your followers. 

Part of Story Strategy 1:1 coaching is outlining a personal brand storytelling framework that works for your comfort level. Introverted and out of your comfort zone? I’ll help support and encourage the hidden confidence that is definitely within you. 

Together we’ll review content ideas for:

  • Your beginning (childhood/young adulthood), 
  • Middle (where you’re at in life and business now), 
  • End (what does the future of your business look like?) so you’re positioned effectively in the online space and connect through content with your people. 

Amazing clients will flock to you because you’re relatable, trustworthy, and experienced and they feel no hesitation when it comes to booking your packages. 

Brand storytelling framework: 

The beginning: Hook your audience with a story from early in your career or life that allows them to immediately say, “oh, I’ve been there before!” You highlight what you’ve learned, how you turned challenges into opportunities, and what quirky traits you had then that you still possess today. 

A few questions to play with: 

  • What’s the funniest experience you remember from childhood or young adult years?
  • Describe one of your bravest or most courageous moments
  • What story did you never grow tired of hearing from your parents?
  • What’s a highlight from middle or high school you still remember?

The middle: Keep your audience engaged with examples of how you’ve grown and where you are now. What tips, stories, and valuable content can you share that support your overall strategy and brand mission?

Continuing building those relationships by talking openly about your journey and building aligned connections so you can fill your roster with the holy grail paying clients. 

A few questions to play with: 

  • What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?
  • How do you handle crisis or high-stress situations?
  • How do you react to deadline pressure?
  • What was a defining moment in your young adult life?

The end: Sharing your future goals, vision, and the legacy you want to leave lets your clients know that you dream big and they should, too. How do you work every day to serve that future business, inspire others, and create raving fans that follow you happily for years to come.

A few questions to play with: 

  • What lessons have you learned that you’ll carry into the future?
  • What skills have you learned that have changed your business?
  • When have you identified problems others didn’t see?
  • Have you received awards or accolades during your career?

I wholeheartedly believe that the quickest way to build both wealth and confidence is to craft your brand story and lock in a solid strategy that makes nearly everything else easy: creating content, website copy, podcast hosting, talking to your audience, selling out your course, building a loyal following, growing an engaged Facebook group…and so much more. 

The tips above are only a small part of my Story Strategy 1:1 coaching program developed because I know how critical it is to have a strategy AND a design that gets you results, quell the confusion, and help you lead confidently. Imagine clarity and tons of lightbulb moments in just 60 days, undoing months of frustration and trying to tackle this important work alone. 

So, my Lone Ranger perpetual seeker-of-information: stop the irritating DIY route and reclaim your time to focus on what you do best. No more staring at the blinking cursor when you write content. Forget fumbling over how to relate to your people. Quit playing small because you’re embarrassed of your brand. 

It’s your time.

Need a partner to guide you through this important work? Book a free brand brainstorm call and we’ll chat about where you’re stuck. 

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