Using your brand strategy to plan for Q3

If your summer plans include travel, juggling kid camps, or weekends in nature, some pre-planning allows you to step away from daily business duties AND still attract high-end ideal clients. q3

It’s true! Going off the grid, lounging by a pool, or balancing a full family schedule is all possible when you’ve created a solid brand strategy as a foundation. 

What if your business could attract ideal paying clients every day, communicate exactly what you offer, and engage a warm audience that converts into paying clients?

Being fully present, making memories, and recharging (without guilt!) is completely possible when you implement a custom strategy that accommodates your business and life. 

Use these tips to keep momentum in your business while you’re away: 
  1. Look at the next 3 months as a whole. Grab your calendar and look at July, August, and September as a whole. Identify any solidified plans and dates where you won’t be doing any work so you can begin planning content, preparing your team, and identifying any programs or services that will be on hold. How many social media posts and graphics do you need to cover the time off? Are there any subscriptions, payments or commitments that aren’t automated and need attention while you’re gone? Does your team have clear instructions on staying on-brand in your absence? What marketing efforts or programs are you hoping to fill in Q3 that need tailored content, team support, and a way to collect information?
  2. Continue building brand awareness. Even if you’re out hiking without cell service or at the zoo with kids, your brand is working on your behalf. When you’ve built a clear and consistent brand, it represents you 24/7 through your digital content, podcast episodes, and training videos. You’re showing up using your unique brand voice, engaging with like-minded people, and differentiating yourself by maximizing your brand strategy. And by defining a clear client experience, you ensure that potential customers get a response, can find answers, and have a clear path to contact you for more details. 
  3. Help your team stay on-brand while you’re away. From scheduling social media to batch recording podcast episodes, making sure that your team supports your brand strategy is vital to a successful break. Having a well-defined style guide allows your staff to speak in your brand voice, stay consistent with your brand values, and evoke emotion from your audience. If your audience needs to feel heard, supported, and taken care of, it will be important that your team uphold these traits in your absence. With a brand strategy, there are no arbitrary decisions.
  4. Batch content to maximize your time. Take a look at the overall content strategy for the time you’ll be away and keep your ideal clients in mind. Will they need your services in Q3? What transformational stories or experiences will you share that help make the decision to hire you a no-brainer? Carve out a day or two beforehand and write all blog posts, social media content, or perfect automations. By front-loading this foundational content, you can post spontaneously if you’re not fully unplugging and engage authentically with your audience to demonstrate how important work-life balance and flexibility is in business. 

Most of us built our businesses with a desire to take off time whenever we’d like. To recharge and have the flexibility that a 9-5 couldn’t give us. By using your brand strategy to plan ahead, you’re able to clock out guilt-free AND grow a thriving business. 

It’s absolutely possible to enjoy these summer months with friends and family and not disrupt your business. A crystal clear strategy aligns your mission, values, and promises so you’re in control of your time, messaging, and audience engagement. 

Let me know which tip you’ll implement to keep your business humming while you’re away!

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